Speaking and speaking...

Advertising Teacher

2010-2016 I have been teaching  Art & Copy and Multimedia

at NABA Academy.

(Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - Milan)

2012 I have been teaching Copywriting and creative writing at IED.

(Istituto Europeo di Design - Milan)

From 2004 till 2007 I teached advertising techniques 

at Liceo artistico Cassinari

(High School - Piacenza)


2016: Politecnico: "The bipolar life of Sergio Spaccavento told

with arrogance." (Milan - Italy)

2016: RUFA: "Ahahadv!" (Rome - Italy)

2015: Dentsu: "The madman who tried to be a clown"

(Tokyo - Japan)

2015: IF! Italian Festival: "Conference for a dumb audience"

(Milan - Italy)

2015 : ADC*E: "How to make an ad funny and pick up chicks (or dudes, your call)(Barcelona - Spain)

2015 : IED Square Firenze: "Confessions of a Cannes Lions Judge(Firenze - Italy)

2015 : University Firenze: "Carpe Advertising" (Firenze - Italy)

2015 : University Bari: "Humor Mechanisms and other nonsense trivial" (Bari - Italy)

2015 : PromaxBDA: "How to make a promo funny and pick up chicks (or dudes, your call)(Berlin - Germany)

2014 : Festival Immaginario: "An interview at that guy on the stage(Perugia - Italy)

2014 : Radio Days at University La Sapienza: "How to write a successful radio comedy format and pick up a lot of women

(Rome - Italy)

2014: IF! Italian Festival: "The stageur that dit not laugh" 

(Milan - Italy)

2014: Prague International Advertising Festival: "Keep calm and lol with advertising" (Prague- Czech Republic)

2013: How to be a copywriter, today: "Keep calm and lol with advertising" (Milan - Italy)

2013: White Square Festival: "Keep calm and lol with advertising"

(Minsk - Belarus)

2012: Red Apple International Festival: "Humour in advertising"

(Moscow - Russia)

2011: NABA: "How the hell I could win the Mobius Grand Prix?"

(Milan - Italy)

2011: NABA: "Humor and creative writing"

(Milan - Italy)

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